5 more great places to chill in Penang (that Penang Foodie forgot)

A while ago, the Penang Foodie published a list of 10 best Penang nightlife haunts. We think these 5 more options will give you a wider perspective of what boils down in George Town...

5 great places to hangout in Penang

The Penang Foodie blog compiled a list of what they believe are the 10 Best Places to Chill on the island.

Their post went viral, and that’s a good thing as it will help Penang visitors and residents find some good digs to spend their nights out. They have included some pretty good spots in their selection, but here at the Penang Insider, we feel like there are at least 5 more great hangout places that Penang Foodie has left out. Here we go:

1Soundmaker Studio

Rock and F*&king Roll and Fire onstage at Soundmaker (image courtesy of Soundmaker Studio)

The home of Penang underground rock and roll is no stranger to this blog. Still, few seem to realise what a godsend it is on an island that offers close to nothing to those who stray away from conventional nightlife. Soundmaker is a recording studio, yes, but is also a club, with the best stage in George Town. On most weekends, local and international bands coming from as far as Australia, Taiwan, the United States, the UK and Europe can be seen on this stage. Don’t miss the chance to join Penang’s underground revolution.

Address: 18 Lebuh Bishop, 1st Floor, George Town. 

2Kim Haus

Kim Haus’ stage hosts live bands, stand up comedians, poets and all the colours of Penang’s creativity (image credit: Kit Yeng Chan)

Not as loud and underground as Soundmaker, Kim Haus distinguished itself for a worthy offer of music and arts. It’s not much for the cover bands, but more for the spoken word acts, stand-up comedians and poets that this place fills with good vibes. Come here for drinks, lounge in the quirky floor hammocks, or enjoy the views over the end of Campbell Street from Kim Haus’ comfy balcony. They serve good international food, including pastas (from RM18.90) and burgers (from RM12.90 — and yes, pork’s available). If arts and music are your thing, you can also stay in their rooms, right in the centre of George Town, for a very reasonable price.

Address: 9 & 11, Lebuh Campbell, 10100, Georgetown, Penang.

“we feel like there are at least 5 more great hangout places that Penang Foodie has left out”

3Ruins of Victoria

The ruins are watching you… (image credit: Kit Yeng Chan)

Unfortunately, this place CLOSED DOWN

I am unsure why Penang Foodie left this venue out, as it’s one of the best clubs in George Town. Ruins of Victoria is a concoction of cool bar — try their mojitos, you won’t regret — Italian/Spanish classy restaurant, and delightful back door roofless patio (the ‘ruins’ of the name) with a stage for live cover bands. The two floors of Ruins of Victoria are packed with ancient memorabilia, statues and atmospheric lights. The umpteenth good quality of this club is… there seems to be no strict dress code, regardless of the hip vibes the venue radiates. Check it out.

Address: 183 Lebuh Victoria, George Town.

Pik Nik

Piknik: a pure case of hipsteria that gave boozing quarters to many early Penang mural artists (image credit: Chan Kit Yeng)

This is the original cafe’ that not only ignited George Town’s street art scene — Zacharevic and friends used to hang out here — but the whole of Nagore Square. It’s been around for a while and still going strong. Here, as they write on the walls, “good friends never bojio”: they play card games, eat awesome waffles, and just chill in style. They used to have b-movie nights upstairs, I am not sure if that’s still going on, but alas, expect to find plenty of hipsteria packed within these colourful walls. And don’t worry if customers complained about mice seen on the premises on their Facebook page… this is Penang, folks. Rats are everywhere. Also in your much-beloved street food, that’s cooked next to the most ludicrous open sewage I’ve seen in my life 🙂

Address:15 & 17 Nagore Road, George Town.

5That Little Wine Bar

The Little Wine Bar is tucked away, and for this reason only gets the best, most dedicated Penang wine lovers (image credit: James Springer)

Penang Foodie may have never seen this hidden gem of a bar, possibly one of the very few wine bars in Penang. Reason is That Little Wine Bar is a bit tucked away from George Town, in Jalan Chow Thye. But it’s a cozy, vibrant place where you can rub elbows with other wine connoisseurs and while away the night. On Thursdays, the Wine Lovers Soiree is the perfect chance to taste different types of wine and meet new people. Try it out.

Address: 54 Jalan Chow Thye, George Town

Do you have any other suggestions of great places to chill in Penang that either Penang Foodie or Penang Insider have left out? Fire them out in the comments below.

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