Penang Street Art: 16 Beautiful Murals of Women

Penang street art is one of the island's biggest tourist attractions these days. There are more than one hundred great pieces of wall art in George Town: we want to collect them in a series of photo essays that will show the best of Penang's street art. Let's start with a collection of George Town wall art that's all about women, painted in all their crazy colors, shapes, and forms.

penang street art

Since Ernest Zacharevic etched the bunch of original murals as part of the George Town Festival in 2012, Penang street art has become a main tourism drawcard to the island. In a way, it’s a pity, as there is so much more to do in Penang, and the wall art has somehow distracted visitors and kept them even more within a cluster of roads around Chulia Street in George Town.

On the other hand, Penang wall art is at times very interesting and can be quite quirky, odd and crazy. And we have decided to present it to you on the convenience of your screen.
It’s all thanks to the help of our photographer friend Bertrand Linet, who has decided to scour all of George Town on foot looking for every corner where one can find street art, wall art, mural paintings, and installations. And now, we are very happy to start presenting a series of posts that collect ALL of George Town street art.

Consider it as a digital way to preserve what, in some cases, has already disappeared, battered by tropical rain, intense sun, and the passing of time.

As the quantity of artworks is huge, and there is no apparent main theme, we have decided to present them to you organized in several categories. This first collection of 16 murals are only portraits of women. Consider it a tribute to the women of Penang, and the world!

1Wushu Girl

(image credit: Bertrand Linet)

Found on Lebuh Muntri, on the wall of Moon Tree, and actually by Ernest Zacharevic. He said he was inspired by one of his young art students. The mural stands right opposite one of Penang’s most important Chinese wushu associations… yet, she has become better known in many websites as the “kung fu girl” 🙂

2Malay Woman with Penang Island T-Shirt

Found on Lebuh Tye Sin, a perpendicular of popular Beach Street.

3Little girl with Cheongsam walking on Numbers

Found on Beach street, in front of the access to Toh Aka Lane. The painting depicts Alexandra, then 4-year-old, daughter of the former owner of Lang Hoose Residences. The artist is Joshua Yang from Singapore. Alexandra is stepping on numbers on the floor that indicate 269 Beach Street, which is Lang Hoose Residences’ address.

Old Woman with Alien Cat

Huge wall mural in the car park close to the junction of Beach Street and Chulia Street, behind the corner from “Coffee on the Table“.

5The Girl with Foxes

Along the western side of Presgrave Road, in walking distance from Hin Bus Depot.

6Kampung Girl in the Garden

Found on Lebuh Trang.

7The Afghan Girl

Found on Lebuh Trang, next to the Kampung Girl in the Garden, this is a mock-up of Steve McCurry’s famous portrait that made a National Geographic cover.

8Namaste under the Tree

   Found on the street beside Masjid Lebuh Aceh, by Russian artist Julia Volchkova.

9Dreamy Malay Girl

Found in the inner square along Nagore Road. It should be a portrait of Wanida, one of Hin Bus Depot’s co-curators.

10The Girl in the Rainforest

Found along Jalan Bawasah, by New York-based artist Elle, and created during the Urban Xchange project.

11The Girl with the Tree Hair

Found on Chulia street, in front of Stardust Cafe.

12Ballerina on the Archway

Found on the corner of Love Lane and Muntri Street, at the side of Wan Hai Hotel.

13Psychedelic Girl with the Umbrella

Found on Love Lane, between the 7/11 and Pin Seng Hotel.

14The Tall Girl Waiting for Something

Found on the wall of First Avenue (one of Penang’s Best Shopping Malls), along Jalan Magazine. It’s a very tall and impressive mural.

15Easter Egg Girl

Found on Prangin Road Ghaut, between Beach Street and Weld Quay.

16The Badass Peranakan Girl

(image credit: Bertrand Linet)

Found on Nagore Road.


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