How to Transfer a Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass in Penang

Have an expired passport with a Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass that's still valid and don't know what to do? This step by step guide will walk you through the exact, simplest way to solve your problem.


If you are a resident of Penang — if not, check out our list of great things to do in Penang — and travel a lot like me, you may end up running out of pages in your passport. That’s what happened to me in the Summer of 2019. As I was prepared for another long period of travel overseas, and having only four empty pages left in my passport, I needed to get a new one.

This was done quite swiftly in the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur. There was a problem though: what about my Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass, which will expire in two years, and is still stuck inside my old passport?

In other words, I needed Malaysian Immigration to update my previous, still valid Multiple entry visa for Malaysia to my new passport. But how to transfer my old Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass to my brand new passport in Penang?

I didn’t know what to do. That’s what I am going to teach you in this post, to make your experience of transferring your Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass in Penang as fast and stressful as possible.

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Where to Transfer a Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass in Penang?

The Pulau Pinang Immigration Office at Seberang Jaya. Here’s where your Long Term Visit Pass’ quest starts (image by Marco Ferrarese)

First of all, where to go transferring your Long Term Visit Pass in Penang? It’s confusing, as Penang has two Immigration Departments, one on the island, and one on the mainland, set off a busy highway intersection near Seberang Jaya and the town of Bukit Mertajam — if you have time on your hands, see the best things to do in BM here. They include Insta-worthy spots like Frog Hill, and many Seberang Perai hiking trails, including an easy and scenic stroll to Bukit Juru.

These are the exact locations:

Penang Island Immigration Office in George Town:

Penang Immigration Office in Seberang Jaya:

As a foreign national resident of Penang State, all visa and passport business must be conducted on the mainland, not on Penang island. Even if you reside on the island. Go figure.

Anyways, the best way to reach Penang Immigration Office in Seberang Jaya is to use your own car (there’s parking available outside, just don’t forget to bring parking coupons valid for the Seberang Prai area, which cost 0.40RM per hour) or catch a Grab from Penang.

Enter the building and go on the first floor, to the first office to the left called Bahagian Visa, Pas & Permit — you can’t miss it as you’ll see loads of people waiting at the door every day.

The entrance to the Bahagian Visa, Pas & Permit on the first floor of the Immigration Office of Seberang Prai, Penang (image by Marco Ferrarese)

How to Transfer a Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass in Penang

Here’s the completed process to transfer your Long Term Social Pass into a brand new passport explained step by step. Remember, it’s very important that you transfer your old Multiple entry visa for Malaysia to avoid a potential 500RM fine when re-entering the country with a new passport that doesn’t contain an updated Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass.

Verify Documents and Get your Number to Renew your Malaysian Long Term Visit Pass

The documents needed for a Malaysia Long term Visit Pass Renewal in the Seberang Prai Immigration Office on Penang’s mainland (image by Marco Ferrarese)

Enter the waiting hall and go to the first counter to the left. An immigration officer will check that all your documents are in order.
You will need:

  • Duly compiled Immigration Forms IMM 55 and IMM 12. These will be handed to you over the counter upon arrival.
  • Original new passport
  • Original old passport containing the Social Pass that’s still valid
  • 1 x photocopy of your spouse/sponsor Malaysian IC
  • 1 x photocopy of your marriage certificate
  • 1 x photocopy of both front pages of your passport including the biometric data and picture
  • 1 x photocopy of your old Malaysia Long Term Social Pass

Once you have produced all of the above, you will be given a number and asked to wait for your turn.

You will have to get a number from the first counter before you can apply for the renwal of your Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass in Penang (image by Marco Ferrarese)

If you don’t have photocopies ready or forgot to print out something, don’t panic. Go downstairs towards the exit of the Immigration Building and you will find several shops that can help you with print outs and photocopies. They cost more than in the city of course (2RM for printing a black and white page and about 0.30RM for a photocopy), but you’ll spare yourself the hassle of having to drive to Seberang Jaya and find a shop, return here and find another parking.

This lady runs a simple shop where you can print or photocopy whatever document you have forgotten to bring with you. Good to avoid a second trip to Immigration to renew your Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass (image by Marco Ferrarese)

Submit your Application for renewal of your Long Term Visit Pass in Penang

Your number will be called and you will submit your application, including both passports, to an immigration officer who will check that everything is in order. You will then be asked to sit down and play the waiting game again.

How and How Much to Pay for the Transfer of your Malaysia Long Term Visit Pass sticker to a new passport

The last counter on the left side of the waiting hall is the Juruwang (cashier). A person will call your name without going by numbers, so be alert. They will issue a receipt and ask for cash payment. Credit cards are not accepted, so bring enough cash. In this case, it’s not much.

To transfer your Malaysian Long Term Social Pass the cost is 19RM inclusive of government tax. The new visa issue fee is free of cost.

Once you have paid, you will be given a receipt and asked to wait once again.

Collect your New Passport with your New Malaysian Long Term Social Pass

Depending on the number of people on that particular day, you will have to wait for about an hour to get your passport back. Be aware that there’s no numbering system at this stage, and one immigration officer will call your name, so be alert and wait patiently. Once they call your name, approach the counter and collect both your old and new passports with your shiny new Malaysian Long Term Social Pass extension.

It pays to check that your name, dates and passport details are all printed correctly in your new Long Term Visit Pass. If there are no issues, mission accomplished, you are free to go.

Best Timings to go Renew your Malaysian Long Term Social Pass

Seberang Jaya Immigration Office opens from 8am to 1pm and 2pm to 5.30pm. On Fridays, there is longer rest time between 12pm and 2.45pm.

I arrived a bit late at 11am to avoid the early morning queue for spouse visa applications, but ended up waiting over the lunch break and received my passport back at 2.30pm. I suggest you apply at 10am to be able to get your new Malaysian Long Term Social Pass back before the lunch break at 1pm. It should take less than 2 hours on a normal busy day, all in all.

Also remember that to facilitate those who are working, the Immigration office is also open on weekends from 8am to 1pm.
Good luck with your Malaysian Long Term Social Pass renewal!


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