14 Reasons to Make Penang Your Home

14 Penang residents have told us why they made the island home. Read on, as this may help you make a decision you probably won't regret.

why people move to penang
Some people Really Love Penang (Image Credit: Bertrand Linet)

What are the reasons to make Penang home? And why many end up staying long-term? There are several answers, which usually involve the food, the quiet, or the island being an ideal place for retirement.

I asked members of the Partners in Penang Facebook group — a very useful resource you may consider joining to get tips and start discussions with other Penang residents — to tell me the reason why they moved to the island.

14 Reasons to Make Penang Your Home

What is the reason why these 14 people made Penang their home?

Rebecca Wilkinson of Tropical Spice Garden, China Tiger and Tiger Blue said: “My husband got a new job in Penang and we decided to move with the family, rather than live separately between Penang & Pangkor islands. This was 18 years ago”.

Housewife Slayer said that she moved here for “the food, the fact it’s so multicultural, has a small town feel but with great health-care options, shopping and an International airport”.

Laurie Ricketts said that her and her husband “both worked out here in Southeast Asia and loved the people, the food and the weather. I’m from Montréal and my husband doesn’t like snow.”

Sharon Giraud said that she “read about Penang in a book titled Planet Boomer: Retire Now for Less in Southeast Asia and decided to come sight unseen”.

Dominique Paul explained that he and his family “were happily living in Hong Kong when we came to Penang for a short visit. We experienced people interaction, the ‘human contact’ (smiles, small talk), and discovered the food. We imagined how our life would be here. Luckily, I was able to relocate here from Hong Kong with my job. Best decision ever.”

Joanne Hipkiss said that the reason why she moved to Penang is her hubby. “He needed a heart operation, so we researched medical tourism and Malaysia came up trumps… at last we decided to stay”.

TC Yokohama “visited in 1985 and fell in love with the assam laksa. Visited again in 2011 to see if the laksa was as good as I recalled. On that trip, I also discovered Penang’s durian and the fact that, from time to time, there can be two durian seasons in a year. I’m never leaving now.”

Drusilla Gillen said that “as numerous times before – Pay, Pack and Follow. That’s a routine for military families living overseas – we moved from Texas to Rome to Naples to Penang”.

Debra Terborg said that she“lived in Hong Kong. I was tired of the smog and pollution, expensive living and rude people. Penang is very friendly, it has good food, English is widely spoken, and is multicultural. Now I have Malaysia My Second Home and bought a house. It’s home!”

reason why people move to penang
(image credit: Flickr Creative Commons)

Marz Nery said that”10 years ago, I left family, friends and work in the Philippines to come over here and marry my local husband. Admittedly, it took me a while to fall in love with Penang. But now, I cannot imagine living anywhere else”.

Tana Litowski said that “we could choose anywhere in Asia to live. We choose Penang because of the casual, easy going reputation, plus the access to excellent schooling and educational opportunities. We live in Perlis, in the country side, and commute weekly. Best of both worlds!”.

Virginie Bernabe-Ruelle said that “my husband’s work is in Alor Setar. We have a home there for week days, and a home in Penang for week ends. In Penang, we have more options for going out, enjoying the cultural life and the food. Sometimes I stay longer in Penang to give mosaic workshop or meeting friends. It’s a great balance to be able to live between the two cities! I love this commuting Life”.

Diana Osborne said that her and her family “retired to Penang from England on the Malaysia My Second Home programme. Coming up 11 years now”.

Richard Pendregaust said that “my wife is Malaysian, from Kuala Lumpur. I am from the UK. We were living in Singapore which is where I was working. After a 4 day mini break in Penang, we decided that we wanted to live here permanently in retirement. We now own a condo here and retirement is not far away”.

And you? Do you live in Penang? What is your reason? Let us know in the comments below and let this article grow. And if you are just passing through, check our suggestion to spend 48 Hours in Penang the Smart way.


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