27 Stunning Locations for Pre Wedding Photography in Penang

Tying the knot soon in Malaysia and looking for inspiration for where to shoot that perfect photo album? Or are you just feeling nostalgic, and wish you had taken your wedding pictures here in Penang? Either way, have a look at these stunning locations for pre-wedding photography in Penang, and start planning for your best day!

(image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Pre wedding photography is very popular in Asia: couples love to capture some beautiful images that are staged and are complementary to the normal and usual pictures of their wedding ceremonies. Of course, pre wedding photoshoots in Malaysia are also popular given the wealth of great locations that are just short getaways from either Kuala Lumpur or Penang.

And it’s exactly Penang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with beautiful 5-star hotelsboutique hotels and charming Penang Airbnbs, that is configuring as a perfect and increasingly popular location for a Malaysian wedding — and even more for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Malaysia. The reason is clear: with its beautiful colonial heritage lanes dotted with Chinese shophouses, multi-colored Hindu temples and Penang Little India, regal mosques, and popular Penang street art, George Town is an eternal favorite to get beautiful, unique pre wedding photographs.

But Penang has much more: there are also scenic locations such as the Top at KOMTAR, Penang’s highest skyscraper with its 232-meters-high observation deck — one perfect location for jaw-dropping views over the city, or the former Penang Butterfly Farm, Entopia. Have you considered postcard-pretty Monkey Beach?

Pre_wedding_Penang_Heritage Coffee House 3
The atmosphere at any of Penang’s old-world Kopitiam marries well even with pre-wedding photography (image courtesy of Kenn Foo Photography)

But Penang also has many beautiful natural locations filled with incredible Malaysian animals: Penang wedding photographers have at least 20 beautiful Penang Beaches to choose from, a national park at Teluk Bahang, and other places in Seberang Perai, the less discovered mainland chunk of Penang State, whose main municipality is interesting and old-world Bukit Mertajam.

Given such a wealth of stunning places for that perfect pre wedding photoshoot in Penang, we thought of asking some of the best Penang wedding photographers to share their secrets spots and delight us with some of their beautiful pre wedding shots in Penang.

If you are looking for some inspirations for your pre wedding photoshoot in Penang, you better bookmark this page right now, and come back later as you plan for your best day.

Best Locations for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages in George Town

1George Town Heritage Streets

George Town is a perfect pre wedding photoshoot location – so many colourful and stunning corners! (image courtesy of Sunnysan Photography)

Penang’s George Town is known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a great place for food — don’t miss our guides to iconic Penang food and Penang best breakfast. Penang couples love to take pictures with the unique antique buildings along the streets of George Town. The old facades and architectural styles are a special part of Penang’s special heritage. Not only that, but George Town is also filled with interesting mural paintings too.

Photographer Sunny Tan of Sunnysan Photography says that Armenian Street is in highest demand, together with Muntri Street and its surroundings, and of course, all the colonial buildings set along Beach Street. Considered as “bank street” for the presence of many local branches of international banks, it’s a hot spot for Penang pre wedding photoshoots thanks to its many historical buildings. One last interesting area is Lebuh Carnarvon and the web of lanes that jut from its sides.

2Hang Chow Hotel @ Chulia Street

Beautiful old world tiles for a pre wedding photoshoot full of vintage colours at Hang Chow Hotel (image courtesy of Kenn Foo Photography)

Don’t even think of staying at this old hotel that’s been hosting budget Penang backpackers for decades, but definitely consider coming here for some amazing pre wedding pictures, suggests Penangite and wedding photographer Kenn Foo. Hang Chow Hotel’s ground floor still looks like a traditional kopitiam of old, with stone and mahogany tables, Peranakan tiles, and columns studded with old-world mosaics. One of the photographic highlights is the left-hand wall with the staircase leading on the first floor, where the actual hotel is. The multi-coloured tiles make for a very dynamic, impressive background.

3Heritage Bicycle Shop @ Armenian Street

A dark, beautiful scene set by the hanging bicycles and old Malaysiana at this old shop in Armenian Street (image courtesy of Kenn Foo)

Kenn Foo also suggests stopping at the heritage bicycle shop along Armenian Street. The place is literally a “polished junkyard” filled with old-timer bicycles and memorabilia hanging from the walls and the ceiling. Give a bright-coloured gown to the bride, set up some flashlights, and you’ll get an amazing play of shadows and contrasts.

Heritage, Colonial and Vintage Locations for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Packages in Penang

Peranakan Mansion

There’s nothing less regal that the Pinang Peranakan Mansion for that timeless pre wedding photoshoot in Malaysia (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is an old mansion turned museum that, according to Vernon from Momento Wedding Photography, has a beautiful oriental vintage theme for a pre wedding photoshoot. The interior is full of old antiques and testifies the truly unique old Penang Baba-Nyonya culture — a fusion of Straits Chinese and Malay culture. Every corner of the mansion offers stunning opportunities to create very elegant touches in every pre wedding photos. Once in Penang, you shouldn’t give the Peranakan Mansion a miss.

5Tan Jetty

Tan Jetty has a beautiful Penang heritage feel (image courtesy of BayzCreative Photography)

Tan Jetty is one of the six clan jetties strung along Weld Quay, on the coastal side of George Town near the Penang Ferry jetty. Tan Jetty is — luckily — not as popular as the overtouristed Chew Jetty, but it has its own uniqueness. Penang wedding photographers and couples love the long stretch of unbarricaded bridge that goes all the way to the end. It is simple, clean and of course, a unique Penang cityscape.

6Macalister Mansion

Enjoy the neo noir vintage atmosphere of Macalister Mansion for a timeless, cinematographic pre wedding photoshoot setting (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

This hotel on the edge of George Town is studied to be like an English Mansion that feels like a long-lost home, and it’s a perfect pre wedding photoshoot venue if your idea is creating dreamy, cinematographic images that enhance darkly coloured gowns. The interior design is a mix of classic and neo-noir, perfect to create images with suffused lights and play with contrasts and shadows, says Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography.


7Arulmigu Balathandayuthapani Kovil Hilltop temple

The impressive gopuram of the Hilltop Temple is an iconic background for Penang pre wedding photoshoots (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Few other locations in Penang Island are as symmetrical and secluded as the main Indian temple near Botanical Gardens and the entrance to Penang Hill’s Moongate and station 5 Hike. Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography loves to shoot here as there are no other modern building around the 21-meters-high gopuram of the temple, which makes it definitely picture-perfect. Consider that it’s also in walking distance to the Botanical Gardens, and can be easily combined with a pre wedding photoshoot in that location.

8Manchu Bar

Vintage, old-world China and a bit of decadent Shangai is what you’ll get when organizing your pre wedding photo shoot at Manchu bar (image courtesy of Kenn Foo)

Well, it may be a bit overly choreographed, but if you and your partner are after an Old China—Colonial Shanghai vibe, photographer Kenn Foo also suggests organizing your Penang pre wedding photo shoot using the interiors of Manchu Bar. With its profusion of hanging Chinese paper lanterns, dim lights, atmospheric shabby-chich furniture mixing with vintage chairs and paper umbrellas make for a perfect setting if you want edgy, dramatic photographs that play with contrasts, light, and look exquisitely vintage China.

9Countryside Stables

When you want to get vintage and stunning to the max, you can even pretend to be an Amazon for your Penang pre wedding photoshoot (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

If your dream is seeing your husband or wife “pimped up” as the proverbial Prince and Princess on a horse, look no further than Countryside Stables in Balik Pulau. Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography love coming to this farm with couples as the horses just add that regal, unique edge to any pre wedding photography. “And they have ponies too, which are too cute to shoot around the couple,” he says. The surrounding paddy fields are also a clever secondary locations you may want to use.

Incredible Skyline and Scenic Views for Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Penang

10Penang Bridge

Penang iconic bridge is certainly a great background for impressive Penang pre wedding photoshoots (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

“The icon of Penang offers photographers a beautiful, clean background,” says Penang wedding photographer Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography.
Stretching for 13,5 kilometres across the Straits Sea from George Town to Butterworth, the Penang Bridge offers a chance to create stunning sea views and a characteristic background that stands up to other famous pre wedding photography overseas destination. What’s more, says Timmy, is that catching a boat to capture that perfect shot, couples may even be greeted by dolphins. And if you are adventurous enough, why don’t you boat all the way to Pulau Aman? This car-free island is perfect for unique sea-themed images.

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11The TOP @ Komtar

Few other pre wedding photoshoot locations in Penang are as scenic as the TOP@ KOMTAR (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Penang’s highest building at 232-meters offers unparalleled views over George Town and the northern side of the island from the 68th floor. The TOP offers the Rainbow Skywalk, Asia’s highest glass walkway, and a skyscraper-top terrace and restaurant where, if you don’t suffer vertigo, you can get some powerful shots — especially using the city lights after the sunset.

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12St. Giles Wembley Hotel’s Helipad

The Helipad at St. Giles Wembley Hotel (image courtesy of Sunnysan Photography)

The Helipad on the top of St. Giles Wembley Hotel is right next to KOMTAR and offer similar outstanding views over George Town and the Straits of Melaka. Photographer Sunny Tan says that, in his opinion, compared to the Top at KOMTAR, St. Giles Wembley Hotel’s helipad has more choices of angles for shooting incredible pre wedding photos.

13Penang Hill

Few places beat Penang Hill in terms of a natural pre wedding photoshoot that’s also utterly scenic (image courtesy of BayzCreative Photography)

The viewing platform on top of Penang Hill is a perfect vantage point to see most of George Town nestling against the island’s northeastern coast. You can see the First Penang Bridge and the Straits Sea, crisscrossed by the iconic Penang Ferry — which looks like a mini replica from up here. Early morning is great for sunrise pre wedding shooting, provided the couple is OK with waking up very early to catch the first train up Penang Hill at 6 am. Sunset is another good option, but be mindful of the crowds here — too many tourists and people would inevitably ruin your pre wedding photoshoot.

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Beautiful Beach Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Penang

14Tanjung Tokong Beach

Beautiful sunsets at Tanjung Tokong beach, a popular spot for pre wedding photoshoot in Penang (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

Tanjung Tokong Beach is not just yet another Penang Beach, as it has different elements to it, say Vernon of Momento Wedding Photography. This beach has an abandoned building — an iconic WWII shelter —, a stretch of round, dark boulders on each side, and often one can find colourful sampans (traditional small fishermen boats) lined up along the shore. The best is going in the morning to catch the natural beautiful sunlight and avoid the crowd, otherwise, for a cinematic experience, come at sunset and wait for the Pandora tree of Penang Avatar Secret Garden to light up.

15Batu Ferringhi Beach

The simplicity of Batu Ferringhi beach can make for excellent pre wedding photography compositions (image courtesy of Tie The Knot Photography)

Vernon also suggests Batu Ferringhi as it’s less crowded, and it’s just right behind Shangri-la Rasa Sayang Hotel, Shangri-la Golden Sand Hotel, Lone Pine Beach Hotel, or even Hard rock hotel — which can always be good to take some pictures of yourself and partner. The hotels nearby also mean that in the early morning, the place is safer because monitored by their security systems and guards.

Blazing tropical sunsets make for amazing backdrops in your Penang pre wedding photoshoot (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography also says that Batu Ferringhi beach looks different throughout the year due to the tides and gives him chances to portrait couples in a relaxing and lovely environment, especially during sunset. “Every sunset is unique, we are surprised every time, for each couple will get a uniquely coloured sky”.

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16End of the World

The jetty at End of the World is a hidden spot for pre wedding photography in Penang (image courtesy of Sunnysan Photography)

This spot is near the entrance of the “Hutan Simpanan” Protection Jungle, better known as Penang National Park, near to Teluk Bahang and Escape Theme Park (a great thing to do in Penang with kids). “End of World” means the end of the area inhabited by the people of Penang (which starts in Batu Maung) and there’s a restaurant with the same name here. The spot to take great pre wedding photos here is a fishing jetty which. Sunny Tan says this is a very good spot to capture a sunset scene.

Stunning Natural Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Penang

17Tropical Spice Garden

Beautiful, starking contrasts when taking your pre wedding photography at Tropical Spice Garden (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

The lush greenery and collection of tropical plants and spices at this famous park on the way to Batu Ferringhi offer a clean and simple setting. The dark green background makes the couples stand out very nicely in most photos, suggests Vernon. Not only that, but the Tropical Spice Garden has a beautiful lake and a big swing for that special element in your frame. Simple, minimalist and natural: the perfect match for any Penang pre wedding photoshoot.

18Penang Botanical Gardens

Casual pre wedding photoshoot in the nature of Penang Botanical Gardens (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

The Botanical Gardens is a very popular place for Penangnites to go working out and jogging, brisk walking, do taichi etc. Many people, however, don’t know that there’s a beautiful hidden spot at the top of the hill inside the gardens. Vernon of Momento Wedding Photography suggests going at the beginning of the year when the weather is a bit hotter. This makes the grass and leaves dry up, helping Penang wedding photographers achieve a surreal autumn feel and effects in their shots.

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19Sungai Air Hitam near Suffolk House

The brick bridge over Sungai Air Hitam, a perfect pre wedding photographylocation just right next to Suffolk House (image by BayzCreative Photography)

Tucked away in a non-descript suburban area on the fringes of George Town, Suffolk House is a stately colonial mansion and also one of the best Western restaurants in Penang. The place is popular, and certainly one of Malaysia’s most famous wedding venues: it’s set next to the lush gardens behind Taman Doby Ghaut, where cows roam freely, and the Air Hitam river flows almost undisturbed — believe us or not, we saw wild otters running around here. The perk of coming here for a pre wedding photoshoot is capturing the giant trees and the old bridge strung over the river — one hidden spot that even few locals know about, and makes instead for some very powerful images.

20Teluk Bahang Dam

Pre wedding photoshoot at Teluk Bahang Dam, Penang (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

Vernon of Momento Wedding Photography also suggests Teluk Bahang Dam as a beautiful hidden spot for a natural pre wedding photoshoot. The dam is huge, with streams running down the viridian hills behind it. In the right season — check the best time to visit Penang here — you may also catch Dragon Boats float on the dam, adding a very special detail to your pre wedding images. Vernon also says that this is a nice option for couples who love a simple and clean background.

21Fig Tree Hill Resort

Beautiful pre wedding photography frames at Fig Tree Hill Resort, Penang (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography suggested this hidden spot, a resort built over a lush hill in Sungai Ara, in the southern part of Penang island. There are six incredibly beautiful villas here, which all mix wood with modern furnishings, and are a delight to photograph. Timmy loves the brown and green contrasts, and says that when couples get here, out of the city, it’s easier to capture them in a moment of intimacy for more realistic portraits.


22The Habitat @ Penang Hill

The Habitat boasts Penang’s oldest rain forest, a beautiful setting for your pre wedding photography (image courtesy of Z Love Tree bridal house)

We have already spelt out the best reasons to visit the Habitat on Penang Hill, but a pre wedding photoshoot can easily be another one.
The Curtis Crest Tree Top Walk is the highest point in Penang island, perfect to shoot beautiful natural panoramas that blend the canopy of Penang’s oldest rainforest with the blue backdrop of the Straits Sea and Gunung Jerai, in Kedah, in the distance. Otherwise, the Habitat has a beautiful walk and also Flight of the Colugo, an exciting zip-line for some very different images.

23Batu Ferringhi Waterfall

Nothing beats wild nature for a successful pre wedding photoshoot in Penang (image courtesy of Tie the Knot Photography)

Penang has some beautiful jungles, and not using their features in a pre wedding photoshoot is a big mistake. Timmy Khong of Tie the Knot Photography suggests shooting at the Batu Ferringhi Waterfall as the frame with the sunset falling right behind the well-positioned rocks and water flow is perfect for his shooting style. The sunset is the best time to visit, as the rocks glow in reddish hues, adding great vibrance to any image.


Malihom, Thai cabins in Balik Pulau, quirky and yet beautiful pre wedding photoshoot location (image courtesy of Kenn Foo)

Kenn Foo suggests this luxurious boutique hotel in Balik Pulau, a real slice of Northern Thailand in Penang — the resort is made up by some delightful, entirely reconstructed North Thai-Lanna cottages set in the starking contrast of Penang’s jungle. Tucked on top of a hill surrounded by durian plantations, Malihom is also a perfect spot for pre wedding photography in Penang, as you’ll be able to capture beautiful natural spots against backgrounds dotted with those beautiful Thai mansions.


Beautiful Pre Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Seberang Perai

Penang island has many good locations for your pre wedding photoshoot, but don’t underestimate the attractions in the mainland of Seberang Perai. Smaller towns like Bukit Mertajam, Nibong Tebal, and Penaga have a few other impressive locations that make for ideal (and original) pre wedding images in Penang. And if you are a sports lover, check out our guide to the best hikes in Seberang Perai, such as the easy and scenic Bukit Juru, perfect for beginners, the Bukit Mertajam Recreational Forest, or Bukit Panchor State Park.

25England House at Nibong Tebal

The old-world feel of England House, a hidden pre wedding photography and wedding reception location in Nibong Tebal (image courtesy of Momento Wedding Photography)

Vernon of Moment Wedding Photography loves England House, a terrace villa with huge surrounding land. Born to be a guesthouse, it quickly transformed into a dedicated venue for wedding receptions and photo shoots. The place itself is a treasure trove of vintage Malaysiana, with a wealth of decorative items and perfect scenes built and thought by the owner, a former wedding photographer. Don’t forget that’s also a gorgeous venue for a wedding set up.

26Frog Hill

Sunrise at Frog Hill, a magical location for a pre wedding photoshoot in Penang (image courtesy of BayzCreative Photography)

This unused quarry became famous on Instagram thanks to the many locals who loved to photograph its wide, ever-changing pools. As Bayz Beh of Bayz Creative Photography says, Frog Hill lake’s colour turns from green to aqua and turquoise depending on the weather, and it’s super clear. To be honest, this location is a bit hard to get to — be prepared for dust or a lot of mud if you decide to come during the rainy season — but it certainly offers a chance to catch some stunning pre wedding photographs. If you want to visit, read our complete guide to Frog Hill.

27Paddy Fields

Penang paddy fields for great natural pre wedding images (photo courtesy of Sunnysan Photography)

Both Balik Pulau on the island and the surroundings of Seberang Jaya are filled with paddy fields, one of Malaysia’s quintessential landscapes.
Sunny Tan of Sunnysan Photography says that it’s best to come here in the early morning if you want to catch a hazy, sunny atmosphere, while sunsets are ideal to capture the couple against a burning sky.

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Couple lazying in a paddy field for a romantic, highly choreographic pre wedding photography (image courtesy of BayzCreative photography)

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